What Should A Funeral Order Of Service Include?

What’s included in an order of service depends on the unique wishes of the family and friends. 

However, all programs benefit from detailing the order of events chronologically, so everyone knows what to expect and when. This will also make things easier for those who are partaking in the ceremony.

Most also wish to include a biography of the individual, whether it’s a detailed description of their life or a brief narrative of their achievements. It’s also lovely to have pictures from different stages in their life, from their childhood and young adulthood to later in their journey if possible. As you can see, this makes for a highly moving tribute to the individual.


Hymns like the Lord’s Prayer and The Lord is My Shepherd remain highly popular and including the lyrics mean that everyone can easily sing along and feel a part of the ceremony. 

The best way to start is often with the cover of the funeral program. 

Here it’s best to show the date of the ceremony, the loved-one’s name, date of birth and passing, and beautiful artwork. Here at Order of Service we offer a great choice of designs, or can work with you to create a bespoke funeral program with a special cover. 

As you’ll see from pictures we’ve created hundreds of beautiful covers. We create the kind of orders of service that family and friends want to treasure for a lifetime. Our bestsellers include this floral design which is a lovely choice during summer.


What to include inside your program. 

Once inside the covers, you might want to start with a welcome message. This will set the tone of the ceremony for the attendees. 

Then it’s best to feature a chronological list or schedule of the activities and segments that will take place. You might want to include the names of speakers, performers, music, hymns, and the order in which they will appear. The events might include:

  • Introduction and opening statements. These are ideal for formally commencing the event.
  • Any readings or poems that are included. You might wish to include the names and titles of any readings, poems, or passages that will be shared during the event.
  • The names of songs, pieces and musicians performing. This will make it easier for people to find them later on, and will help set the tone of the funeral. Nothing is more personal than your choice of music and people like to remember which songs were most associated with their loved-ones. 
  • Speeches from family or friends. Details of scheduled speeches or presentations always go appreciated, including the names of speakers and their thoughts. People can refer back to them later on when reminiscing about the ceremony. 

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