7 Tips For Creating The Perfect Funeral Order Of Service

Saying goodbye to a loved-one is never easy, but you want to celebrate their life as much as possible. 

Order-of-service.co.uk work with family and friends to create beautiful printed materials that contribute towards making an order of service moving and memorable. 


Here are just a few tips for ensuring the order of service at a funeral goes smoothly:

  1. Consider what the theme of the service should be. Some people want a serious and emotional ceremony, while others like to celebrate the sense of humour and passion for life of an individual. Deciding what tone you would like helps you to find the most appropriate readings, songs, and printed materials that align with the overall message and tone of the service. We create all sorts of stunning designs that are completely unique to the individual.
  2. Provide a warm welcome and introduction to all attendees. This should include a brief introduction of the purpose and theme of the service. Our unique order of service printed designs will help you do this. By handing them out at the beginning of a ceremony, you’ll instantly make everyone feel included; they will also have something to cherish once the event is over.
  1. Take your time finding the perfect readings and songs. You want to select readings and songs that reflect your loved one’s tastes and memories. Many people like to use a mix of traditional and contemporary selections, whether it’s the deceased’s favourite piece of music by Schubert or music that reminds everyone of them. Order-of-service.co.uk has a number of popular hymns which are easy to download from our website.
  2. Make sure you plan the flow of the service. Think about how you want the service to flow and organise the readings, songs, and other elements accordingly. It’s a good idea to include breaks or pauses for reflection or meditation. This can easily be set out in the funeral programme along with your favourite pictures of your loved-one.
  3. Don’t forget to include plenty of personal touches. These can include photos or special memories of the person being celebrated or honoured. Order-of-service.co.ukregularly produce beautiful framed photographs of the deceased, which are ideal for placing in prime position at a church or other venue. We can also help you enhance old photographs so they’re brought back to life. Many people who pass away now have pictures from decades ago which can benefit from editing, or need to be captured by another camera in order to be digitalised.
  4. Provide instructions for any audience participation. Whether you want everyone to sing or share their memories, guests like to know what to expect at a funeral so they can rise to the occasion. While many people like to share their memories, they often like to prepare a written copy to ensure everything sounds how they want.
  5. End with a moving closing and farewell. Often emotions are running high by the end of a funeral. Ideally you should conclude with a closing that summarises the main message and theme of the service. You also want to say farewell to all attendees.

Order-of-service.co.uk provides an empathetic and professional service for anyone who needs a personalised funeral order of service printing.

We are highly experienced at producing quality funeral programmes and pictures of relatives. Whatever the theme of your order of service, we’ll work with you to produce printed material you love. 
If you need help creating the perfect funeral order of service, simply contact our team for more information.